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Superior Court Judge David Phillips and Glenn Bratton take a photo at the courthouse after discussing campaign issues.

Mayor Walker Reid and Glenn Bratton pose for a photo after Mayor Reid publicly endorsed Candidate Bratton at a Committee to Elect Bratton for School Board Meeting


Principal Allison Rhyne showing support for Glenn Bratton at the Cotton Ginning Days event in Dallas at Biggerstaff Park.

Who better to endorse the candidate, than his family? Who better indeed, than his wife? I know him better than anyone but God. I wake up every morning with him by my side and fall asleep every night by his side. This has been our constant; consistently occurring for over twenty years. We usually don't agree on small trivial matters concerning life, love, and family, me being a nurturer, and him being that ‘tough love’ person. Glenn is a thinker, considering every question, every issue. His answer is always, “let me think about it”. Yes, he may begin his contemplation in his head, but once he has mulled over it, his heart and soul take over and he does what is right. Glenn did not just wake up one morning and decide to run for the Gaston County school board. It is my belief that God has been preparing him such a time as this for years. Just look at his credentials: his education, his career, his sense of community and his family; all these things are directed by God with the best interest of youth in mind. He is sincere about his goal to create a responsible learning environment for our children and our teachers where everyone is accountable for the student’s success, the teachers, the parents and yes, the student themselves. The school system makes all curriculum and study programs available to all students, however, it is more accessible to students with their own transportation. Glenn is dedicated to working with the board to guarantee that transportation is made available to all students who wish to take advantage of the academies. Equity is very important to Glenn because he has been on receiving end of unequal treatment many times in his life. He is passionate about his belief that teachers receive equal treatment in pay and promotions; that students receive equal opportunities in the educational process; and that schools receive equal distribution of equipment and maintenance. Safety is Glenn’s area of expertise. He protected and served Gaston County for thirty years, spending much of his time in the school system. He interacted up close and personal with students, parents, administrators, teachers, and support staff including food services and the janitorial staff of fifty plus schools. Some of these people became like family to him and it has been his resolve to help develop and implement security protocols to the continued safety of all who are involved in the Gaston County school system. Who better to endorse the candidate, than his family? Who better indeed, than his wife? I know him better than anyone but God. I know that he is the better candidate on all points. I know I am going to vote for him, and I hope that you will vote for Glenn Bratton, candidate for Gaston County School Board on November 8th. — Dorene Bratton
Director of Day to Day Operations; Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church

I’ve known Glenn since high school at North Gaston. I’ve always said that Glenn is one of the best individuals that I’ve ever met. Anyone would be proud to have Glenn as an important part of their organization. Glenn has all the values needed to be a great leader. My hope is that the people of Gaston County will vote for Glenn Bratton. We need a leader like Glenn Bratton for Gaston County School Board. — Tommy Glover
District Sales Manager ARCAT

I have known Glenn since we were teenagers and have always admired the standard that he's held. It's been my privilege to work with him as my co-chair of the planning board that he was nominated to sit on a few years ago which is made up entirely of volunteers and is always fully engaged with every issue that comes before us, well versed with the request and able to ask intricate questions concerning the project so that the citizens of Dallas will be represented fairly. I have full confidence that Glenn will represent the parents and students of Dallas and will not back down from any issue that he feels in his heart is right. Dallas will not go wrong standing behind this man as he stands for you and your children Proudly submitted Chairman Curtis K. Wilson — Curtis Wilson
Chairman of planning board/ board of adjustments for the town of Dallas

I have gotten to know Glenn over the last few years as we work side by side to build a unique faith based enterprise. In that time I have developed a tremendous respect for the man and how he approaches life. You can always trust Glenn. He will tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear. Glenn's word is all you need, he will not go back on it. I have also learned of his deep faith and how that faith translates into the work he does and the projects he champions. Glenn lives his values in an unassuming but impactful way, not looking for accolades but to make a difference. His focus on the youth of our area is a result of his belief that our youth are our future, and we need to think clearly and make the right decisions for all of them. His past experiences have laid a strong foundation for this role on the School Board. In every role Glenn has held, there have been times of tension and disagreement that must be navigated to get to the right solution. I know from experience that Glenn has the skills and personality to lead and not get caught up in the noise. His character and integrity are beyond question and he earns the respect of all he works with. I am proud to work with Glenn daily, and am just as proud to offer him my full support in this campaign. — Joel Gilland

I've known Glenn since we were kids. Then as now, he has a heart of serving and sharing. Following his successes in school and adulthood is all the evidence I need to support him in this candidacy. His personal dedication for doing things right the first time, his faith, talents and educational acumen is the proof, the necessary attributes in a leader that's needed for Gaston County. We look to you for a brighter future for the children and the courage and strength needed to build generations now and in the future. The impetus is Glenn R. Bratton.

Vivian P. Dennis Col, retired, USAF

— Vivian Dennis
The impetus is Glenn R. Bratton

It is my honor and privilege to have worked with Glenn while he served as a School Resource Officer and Sergeant with the Gaston County Police Department, as our school system security compliance manager, and currently at Wesley Community Development. I count Glenn a personal and professional close friend, and a person of the highest integrity and Christian faith. At all times, and especially as a public servant, he is courteous, respectful, articulate, knowledgeable, and dedicated to faithfully serving those he works with and represents. Knowing Glenn as I do, he will be a true servant leader as a member of the Gaston County Board of Education. The students, parents, families, and staff of the Gaston County School System will have a board member who will always work in the best interests of those he serves. A better person cannot be found for this important public office. It is my honor to support Glenn for the Dallas Township seat on the Gaston County Board of Education.

Mark Hollar, Retired Gaston County School Administrator, Quality Control Manager for Wesley Community Development

— Mark Hollar
Retired Gaston County School Administrator

Glenn is a man of strong faith, integrity, and knowledge of the school system. He will do the right thing. He truly cares about the students and staff of GCS. He will listen and make good common sense decisions. He will be a voice for all students, staff and citizens. — Todd and Lonnia Beam
Retired Educators
Alice Jane Taylor
Patricia Hope

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